Valuations are a service which we provide for all aspects of property. We have extensive experience in this area and will offer a prompt, professional and confidential valuation.  We will prepare a report about your property after considering all the factors that can affect its value. This report can be useful for you to carry out various transactions to do with that property such as :

Buying or selling a property

The valuation will help you to understand the fair market value of the property. 

To rent a property

Property valuation will help you determine the fair and competitive rent for your property if you are looking for tenants.

To mortgage a property

The estimated price of the property considerably influences the amount of loan.

To transfer a property

In case an individual wants to transfer their property to someone else, they will need to estimate its value first. The worth of the property will decide the stamp duty.

For taxation purposes

There are various taxes on property like inheritance, HSE Fair deal and property tax, which are to be paid to the various Government departments. While calculating these taxes, the estimated value of the property is taken into consideration. 

Compulsory purchase

In the event of bankruptcy, a valuation must be done, before a property is acquired or auctioned.

The insurance company which holds the Professional Indemnity Insurance cover for McDonnell Properties is:
Zurich Policy number:  01 ZPI 2298367